Myself, being a creative who had a lot of resources at my disposal but didn’t have to capability to understand which direction to go back then I lost my motivation in art so I gave up due to the stress that was bearing down on me. It wasn’t a bad thing at all even though it sounds bad I was able to meet people along the way that believed in my art. When I got into university I had an idea of what I wanted to do but I felt trapped in a box so I went undeclared looked in the college catalog at majors that would allow me to explore other creative routes. Mass Communication became my major and I went in head first. I wasn’t sure what to expect but as I progress met professors who helped me find my way. Giving me advice, opportunities to work on projects that would mold me to who I am now, and making sure I go to a higher level that they see in me that I didn’t see in myself. As I made it through my college semesters I slowly met people outside the university that would change my life forever. But before we get to that, I started out in music production learning about the industry and what it takes to be a producer. I produced beats for about two years then I moved back into drawing which I truly loved but I found a new way to express myself through design. I then had to figure out what I wanted to do in graphic design and of course music came to my mind so I started learning graphic design through YouTube. Getting into designing cartoons for music artist and other people which is what I have become known for on Instagram along with cover work.
This allowed me to meet a lot of music artist around my age on the come up making their dreams happen. So I began listening to the lyrics they were speaking. Listening to their lyrics you heard motivation, struggle, pain, and being a better person so they can get to the level they want. With designing covers I began building personal relationships with them. Along the way I began meeting other young designers around my age who do traditional art with paper / pencils who really helped me progress further seeing them grow made me wanna grow. During my senior year of college I had to create a senior project and this is the very podcast you hear today. Back then the podcast was just a idea and it took me a whole year of doing graphic design to get it off the ground. I’m grateful for that whole year because I began meeting artist and connecting with them on a personal level. They saw my vision with art and entrusted me creating their vision which was motivation. Then after some time I began sitting down with myself and figuring out what I wanted the podcast to be about. The podcast became a center hub for music artist to tell their story. The first episode wasn’t about music but about a group that I put together with friends to give others a support system. I speak with the vice president and a dear friend who has helped me grow since we met. Telling you his story and how Generation X came to be. I tried my best not to tear up lol but that's when I truly found my calling.
The calling of giving other support through the knowledge I have gained, motivation to achieve a higher level than they are now, and being their support system. Connecting them with other people who are doing the same thing as them. With that in mind I went forward slowly transition out of graphic design and moving into podcasting full time. Throughout the podcast I began understand what being a music artist and building your own thing was all about. I learned about the struggles others faced and how our stories are so much similar even though we live in different states and circumstances. With nine episodes of season one we got personal and opened our thoughts to the world on different topics such as addiction, no support, etc. Also speaking to a designer with a high end luxury brand understanding what it takes to be a fashion designer and the story behind the paint. With season two we are giving you better audio, new artwork, new ways to tell the story, and we want you to know here at Ignite that you can unlock the spark within yourself one step at a time.
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