In Season 2 of Everyday People we are back and better than ever. New Guest, New Ideas, and New Stories! We will be back on June 11th. Until then enjoy the preview.
Season 2: Episode 1
From city highways to the Alaskan snow, Thrash has trail blazed an entire state covered in snow with hip-hop. With no hip-hop station there at all this has become a huge landmark in his career now he is back to take on Atlanta and many other big cities around the world. We hear his come up as a story to be reminded that you should always put your heart out there whatever your dream is and go for it.
Season 2: Episode 2
Riichizacc has come a long way from where he use to be. Many of us have had to overcome our demons and that just what Riichizacc has done. In his music you will hear many stories that involve a lot of the things he went through and the many things that he has upcoming as he progresses towards his journey to the top. This is the first of many Jackson,MS artist we will be covering so buckle up and be ready for what’s to come!
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